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Pro Hoe® is a platform created to provide a brave space for those on a mission to unlearn stigmas surrounding sexual freedom and identity in Black communities.Through communal storytelling, workshops, and a podcast, Pro Hoe® provides access to education and tools to help their audience decolonize their own understanding of sexuality. Thus creating space for autonomous action, resulting in healthy boundaries and confident decision making- both romantically and platonically.




The Pro Hoe message is rooted in the power of autonomous action. We were tasked with the challenge of creating a visual brand identity that evokes feelings of community, celebrates exploration, and promotes sexual liberation- while maintaining an air of intrigue and curiosity.


Inspired by the indigenous practices of our ancestors across the Global South, we created a design that exudes power, fluidity, and autonomous action. We expanded the brand beyond the wordmark to include a visual language that quickly communicates Pro Hoe®'s core values.


The curves of negative space seen in the letter are inspired by the aboriginal tool the "Kylie."Renamed and known in the Global North as a "boomerang", this tool was used as part of a cultural celebratory expression as well as hunting.

When explored further, Its curved shape is reminiscent of the Sankofa Adinkra symbol. This symbol is represented by a bird facing forward with its curved neck facing back. The meaning of the symbol is that it is not taboo to go back and get something after you have forgotten it.
This symbolism taps into the very soul of Pro Hoe®; the decolonizing of sexuality allowing space for us to reconnect with our aboriginal traditions and sexual practices.


For the logomark, we created a symbol we named the "Power O" - An abstract interpretation on the power button. This speaks to the mission of reclaiming your sexuality while disrupting the powers that be. It's about accessing your autonomous ability to announce what turns you off and on as well as promoting an ability to make decisions from what Pro Hoe® calls your "orgasmic yes."